Norrie Price steps down as Chair

I am sad to report that that Norrie Price has decided to step down as Dee4Life Chair though he will remain an active member of our Board. He became a director several years ago and held the position of Secretary before assuming the Chair last year.

It is vital for any organisation to have a diversity of opinion and it is fair to say that Norrie is not shy when it comes to getting his point across! He argues passionately for what he believes to be in the best interests of Dundee FC, while respecting other viewpoints and the democratic process.

Norrie played an important role in ensuring that Dee4Life survived a difficult few years and was instrumental in introducing new directors to bolster the Board. I am personally thankful to him for bringing me on board, and for his leadership, support and friendship.

Norrie (above) said, “I am pleased that in my time as an office bearer we have seen a transition to a more modern and streamlined setup. Also that the age profile amongst the directors has been reduced and the resultant influx of fresh blood has driven an increased membership level to almost 500.

“However, I feel great frustration at the way the football club itself continues to be operated. This has contributed to my decision to step away from my current position.”

We will update members on the vacant Chair position in due course.

Vice Chair,
Grant Hill

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