Monthly Update

Dear members, 

Increasing dialogue between Dee4Life and the club has been taking place in recent months, and we are hopeful that this will lead to a stronger relationship that will enable us to better represent Dundee supporters on all the issues that matter to them.

Image: Derek Gerrard Photography.

To that end, we were pleased that Dundee’s General Manager Greg agreed to a Dee4Life proposal for members to route any questions they have about the club through the Trust. We will share further details of how members can submit questions over the next few weeks. Greg also expressed his interest in attending a future Dee4Life meeting to hear from members in person.

That agreement came when our Director Kenny Valentine held another positive meeting with Greg at Gardyne Training Centre last month. At this, Greg confirmed that the club are committed to addressing the problems that some supporters have experienced when trying to gain entry to Dens Park this season.

We have agreed to support them in this endeavour and we hope to share plans for an improved admissions experience shortly.

Dee4Life Director Kenny Valentine.

Kenny (above) also shared feedback from members regarding the cleanliness at Dens. Supporters have noted improvements over recent weeks but also report a few areas where more work is required. Greg was pleased to receive this feedback and confirmed that steps continue to be made to improve the general upkeep of Dens. 

In response to a question raised by one of our members, it was confirmed the club have plans to relaunch the Junior Dark Blues. We have offered our support for this initiative and look forward to helping with a new offering for young Dundee fans. 

Prior to this meeting, Kenny was introduced to John Nelms, spent more than half an hour discussing the relationship between Dundee FC and Dee4Life with him.

Elsewhere, Directors George McIrvine and Scott Lorimer represented the Trust at the recent Dundee FC Sponsors’ evening at the Invercarse Hotel. 

Board members George McIrvine (centre) and Scott Lorimer (second right) represented Dee4Life at the recent Dundee FC Sponsors' Dinner. The are pictured with players Luke Hannant and Max Anderson.
Board members George McIrvine (centre) and Scott Lorimer (second right) represented Dee4Life at the recent Dundee FC Sponsors’ Dinner.

The evening was well attended, with players and management staff taking time to chat with guests.
George and Scott had good conversations with Luke Hannant and Max Anderson, who they shared a table with, and both took an interest in hearing about the work Dee4Life does. 

The more members we have, the more successful our efforts will be. Please encourage fellow Dees to sign up to the Trust as we aim to provide a voice for supporters.

Best wishes,
Grant Hill (Vice Chair)

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