Statement on purchase of Dens Park by DBPH

We welcome the announcement that Dundee’s owners currently have no plans to sell Dens Park and groundshare ahead of the new stadium development being completed.

We acknowledge the ongoing financial commitment of the club’s owners but also believe Dundee’s supporters deserve the fullest possible information about the risks as well as rewards of this project.

The fact that Dark Blue Property Holdings (DBPH) now own Dens Park and will own the proposed new stadium rather than the club itself raises questions about what happens to Dundee if DBPH is later sold. Other clubs have found themselves in dire straits in similar circumstances and we are keen to hear what measures are in place to protect the club.

We remain supportive of the Camperdown development in principle but once again call on the club’s owners to provide clarity about whether there is a plan B should the project not come to fruition, through no fault of their own.

Finally, we would like to thank John Bennett for the role he has played in ensuring that Dundee FC still exists.

Keith Winter, Chair.

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