Dee4Life and South East Section team up for Tifo

We are delighted to be sponsoring the South East Section’s first ever tifo at Saturday’s game v Kilmarnock. 🇨🇷

Coloured cards will be placed on every seat in the South Enclosure for fans to raise as the team takes to the park. A Dee4Life flyer containing a details on who we are and what our objectives are along with a QR code to allow you to join the Trust is printed on the reverse side of the cards and we hope as many of you will choose to sign up.

This forms part of the activity we have planned for Saturday’s game, which we are the matchball sponsors of. Four Dee4Life members who won our competition earlier this week will enjoy a day in hospitality while our directors will be on hand out side the Bobby Cox and Main Stand handing out flyers and answering any questions fans may have before kick-off.

You may also notice the new Dee4Life advertising boards on display at the trackside.

Members of the South East Section in the Derry at Dens Park.
Some of the SES squad who have helped add to the atmosphere at Dundee games.

The SES lads and lasses have done a great job in helping to improve the atmosphere at Dens over the past 18 months so let’s join them in getting behind the team and greet them with a sea of blue, white and red when they emerge from the tunnel.

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