Dee4Life June news – proposal update

Dear Members,

I had my first meeting with Dundee FC Managing Director John Nelms as Dee4Life Chair last week and the proposal we submitted to the club in May was the main subject of discussion.

While there is alignment in some areas there remains a significant distance between the two parties in others and further talks aimed at reaching a formal agreement will be necessary.

We believe the Trust’s proposal – which members can read in its entirety here – is fair and has the potential to help our club prosper. While outlying several ways we can help Dundee’s development, it asks for nothing beyond what Dee4Life is legally entitled to as per the club’s Articles of Association and as outlined in its customer charter.

A huge amount of time and work has gone into rebuilding Dee4Life’s relationship with the club, the objective of which has been to create a vehicle for supporters’ views to be heard and respected at boardroom level whilst agreeing areas of activity the Trust can take in support of the club.

While that relationship has undoubtedly improved, we are fully aware that the most substantive concerns of Dundee supporters remain unanswered. We are giving diplomacy every chance to succeed and have been guided by legal advice throughout but if this path does not lead to the type of engagement we have sought then we anticipate consulting our members over alternative options.

We are keen to hear the views of as many of our members as possible about the proposal and efforts to have fan representation to the board reinstated so invite you to send feedback to
The more members we have, the more representative of the club’s support we are and the more influential the fans’ voice can be. Please encourage other Dark Blues to sign up.

Keith Winter, Chair

Keith Winter, Dee4Life chair
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