Dens park update

At our AGM back in November, and via subsequent communications, our members made it clear how worried they were about speculation that the sale of Dens Park was imminent, with Dundee FC having to ground share from 2023/24

As you know we previously contacted the club for clarity over aspects of the new stadium proposals and today General Manager Greg Fenton confirmed to Dee4Life director Kenny Valentine that the club will still be playing at Dens next season.

We welcome this and thank Greg for taking the time to address what was the biggest single concern expressed by the members we have spoken to.

Not being able to share details of all we have been doing of late has been frustrating, but we feel progress is being made and we hope to be able to update you more fully in the near future.

Dee4Life will continue to ask questions about the impact of the stadium proposals on the club and all matters of importance to Dundee supporters. We sincerely hope to build on recent dialogue to establish a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with the club board.

Norrie Price


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