Dee4Life AGM 2022

The 2022 Dee4Life AGM will take place at Dundee Social Club from 11am on Saturday 19 November.

The meeting, which takes place prior to Dundee’s home match against Hamilton, will be the first in-person event hosted by the Trust since January 2020. Details of ballots relating to the election of directors to the Dee4Life board will be sent to members shortly, along with the agenda for the AGM and a copy of the Trust’s annual accounts.

The formal part of the AGM will be followed by a Q&A when members will hear from the board about recent changes and Dee4Life’s future direction. Accountability is essential to the success of the Trust and any attendee can raise questions about Dee4Life and its performance.

Dee4Life Chair Norrie Price said, “We welcome the opportunity to host our first face-to-face event for a few years and to speak directly to our members. In recent months our board has been working worked hard on a process of internal reform that will make us more agile and active as an organisation.

“We know from the recent survey we carried out that our members see our primary purpose being to represent fans. The AGM will also allow us to gauge the views of supporters about the club and the issues they want us to raise with them.

“Ultimately, we all love Dundee and want it to succeed. For that to happen, the fans and club management need to work together in harmony. It is vital that the views of supporters are heard at boardroom level and respected.”

Snacks will be provided for AGM attendees while refreshments will be available from the bar.

In addition, it is hoped that an open meeting, giving all Dundee supporters the opportunity to ask questions of the Trust’s directors and raise issues and ideas relating to both Dee4Life and the club will also take place before the end of the year.

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