Chair’s Update – August 2022

Dear Member,

August has been another busy month for your Dee4Life board as we continue to lay our plans for the future and focus on our upcoming membership drive.

A key element of this has been the members’ survey, which was carried out to allow you your say in the future direction of the Trust. As Gary Cocker noted when communicating the results, it was gratifying to see that most respondents had a favourable view of our work but it was also important to receive less favourable feedback so we can continually look to improve our performance.

The views of every member and indeed every Dundee supporter matter to us. We have taken your answers and comments into consideration when finalising our new vision and strategy, which will be launched next month as part of the membership drive. A new logo and website are also imminent as we look to modernise our operations and public image.

Part of that process also involves overhauling our social media output, something that attracted some negative feedback. We are looking to add a social media officer to work alongside Communications Director Grant Hill and Mary Coyle, who has done invaluable work to keep our accounts active meantime, to ensure we get things right in this vital area. Kudos, too, to Gary C for winning his battle against one of the titans of Silicon Valley to merge duplicate Dee4Life Facebook pages! We know social media was neglected for too long but we now have a solid platform and intend to do much better.

Following our meeting with John Nelms and Greg Fenton last month, Membership Secretary Ross Day presented innovative Trust proposals for an eticketing system at Dens Park to alleviate many issues fans have reported this season. This followed extensive research into solutions and Ross’s proposal would have been fully funded by Dee4Life. The club have chosen not to accept this offer and we remain in discussions about alternative projects we might contribute to.

Earlier this summer we were delighted when John Burke agreed to resume the role of Supporter Liaison Officer, and Gary recently met with John to discuss ways in which we can work together to ensure the views of Dundee fans are represented. This was a positive and productive meeting, and we look forward to sharing news of developments in the near future.

Our own Liaison Director George McIrvine has continued to build relationships with other groups, although his presence at the Fife Dark Blues shindig prior to the Raith match may not have been an entirely selfless act! Credit also to our Director Douglas Tott, who was one of the volunteers helping to give Dens a spruce up before the first home game of the season.

As said last month, the key to making Dee4Life the organisation we want it to be is building a stronger membership. The more fans we have in our ranks, the better we can represent them. If you are not already a member, please consider joining today at 

Best regards,


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